The Hess Report




I made this just for the fun and challenge of it. Its target audience is the Blender community, which seems to revere monkeys. The ghostly monkey head in the background is Suzanne, the official Blender mascot. The model for the head is actually a primitive in Blender, much like the teapot in other applications. Other points of interest include: 'Haisukosu' is Japanese for sock. The character on the sock monkey's headband means 'monkey'. The phrase '1 Ton' on the mallot refers to Ton, the creator of Blender, not a unit of measurement. Simian's weapon is an MP5SD with retracting stock.

Technical aspects: Sock monkey textures were made from digital photos of my own sock monkey, Harsten. Simian textures were handpainted in Photoshop. Both sock and simian were uv mapped. Lighting consisted of fake GI sphere for overall illumination, a number of clustered spots to fake and area light for the key light, and individual spots to highlight their faces.

I made a hi-res, large format print of it just for fun, and it really looked like a movie poster.


The Poster
600x900 Version   800x1200 Version
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