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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Blender People 0.3 is ready for you to test. The link to the 1MB .zip file is here:

There's a great Documentation .pdf included. For the love of mercy, please read it first. Requirements for running it are in the docs but I'll reproduce it here, just so you know what you're getting into:

Blender 2.32
Python 2.2.3
mySQL 4.0
mySQLdb 0.9
A computer

If you can't even get Python working on your system, head over to here for help. I'll work with everyone to resolve Python-based problems generated by the Blender People system, but I unfortunately do not have time to help everyone get Python installed properly on their computers.

URLs for the different packages you need can be found in the docs. I recommend that you follow the installation order presented there. Linux, Mac, and other users - all of this should work for you, too. You'll have go get the mySQLdb stuff yourself (I've given you a link), and to get good recording of animations, you'll have to roll your own binary - but I've given you instructions for that, too.

I WILL attempt to help you troubleshoot mySQL installation/setup problems, as it is the bread and butter of this system. So post your mySQL woes here, and I'll do my best.

Other things I'd love to see posted in this thread: cool animations you've made with the script; comments/criticisms of how the Actors react to different orders; documentation deficiencies; errors/script crashes that occur and what the console messages were that went with them.

If I get good crash/problems feedback, I'll be able to fix it up for the next milestone (also in the docs).

As of today, I'm taking a coding break from this project, for hopefully only a week, to work on some stuff that I'm actually getting $ for. Gotta pay the bills somehow. I'm on elYsiun all the time during the day (GMT-5) and I browse here quite frequently, so I'll try to be responsive to requests for help/problem reports.

Thanks to locash for making the GUI (get back to me man! check your pm's!).

Have fun!

posted by Roland  # 3:47 PM


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