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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Started back into the BlenderPeople code tonight. I'm seeing how quickly I can revamp the code for using SQLite, as opposed to MySQL. It's not really that different, as it uses the same DB API 2 calls that MySQLdb used. Almost of the SQL in BP should work as is, but I've found that my DB initialization code was MySQL-specific. So, it seems that writing it for the simplest case (SQLite) will work very well on the step to generalization for all databases. In the end, I'd like to have it look for SQLite first, and failing that, simply asking the user for a connection string to their DB of choice. That would be great.

The other good news is that I'm running Python 2.4 on my system, alongside Blender 2.40 RC2, and BlenderPeople worked only after the simplest of tweaks. Nothing was broken, and I didn't even get any deprecation warnings. I think there are some new, faster and more reliable ways to read meshes (which will help with generating the Ground Tree) and to set keyframes into IPOs, which I hope to look into and incorporate into the code.

I'll be doing a lot of speed testing, as I'm considering this a "code cleanup" time. It'll help me get familiar with the code again, as lately, my brain's been riddled with c and php.

Right now, I can't say when I'm going to have a working release available. There are too many variables that affect my time at the moment. But instead of generating a time table, I'll just mention what I have to do: SQLite conversion (with accompanying installation instructions); finish DB abstraction; code updates for new Blender Python API; performance testing.

Also, the MatchBone feature of which I spoke the other day is smoking right along. Today, I added support for BlendIn. It compiled and worked on the first try, and I have to say that seeing the armatures whip around and smoothly align themselves due to the new feature completely made my day. I've wanted to see that happen for soooo long, and now it finally works. IMO, the biggest obstacle to this becoming a great feature now is the acceptance of the code into the main Blender release tree. I just don't know it it's of good enough quality. For anyone interested in seeing it, I'll make a demo video tomorrow and post a link.

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