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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two items:

1. Although I've had a certain degree of success with automated walking, I'm abandoning this particular approach. First, key generation for quaternions in Blender can give inconsistent results, leading to armature flipping, as many people who've done character animation can attest. This makes the Action Baking portion of this a bit problematic. Blender simply needs better locomotion tools, and a half-assed python script isn't going to cut it. I came to this conclusion after realizing that my solution became narrower and narrower in scope with each revision. New direction for better locomotion:

Designation in Action-based walk-cycle of which bones contact the ground and frame ranges during which they should be slip-less. I'm going to try to use that info in conjuction with the Repeat function of NLA strips to generate good, non-slipping animation. The benefit of this method is that you can make your walkcycle arbitrarily complex (or simple), including all kinds of nice, keyframed secondary motion for realism. The downside is that stride lengths that vary with velocity will mostly be out. Or maybe not. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

2. I'm enabling comments from here on out in this blog. If you're following the production of BlenderPeople, please leave me a note! The emails and messages I've received from people who follow this have been all that has kept me interested in the project at times. Giving out love is free, people!

posted by Roland  # 10:05 AM

I am following the blog all the time. And really interested in the results you have already accomplished. Thank you very much for your work.

i'm also following the development of BP for some time (from the time I first heard of it).
Crowd simulation is really interesting, so is BP.

Keep on going!
BlenderPeople has had my interest for a long time now (several years in fact!). Hopefully it will eventually see the light.

Keep up the good work!
Secondary Motion is a must! I'm glad it's on your mind. The NLA methodology seems like a good way to go about it too.

it is quite interesting to follow your progress, sorry to hear that you've encountered another stumbling block.

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