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Monday, September 04, 2006

Break Time 

One of the reasons I'm such a great guy is that I never work on more than one external project at a time. Personal rule that keeps me sane, and keeps the quality of my output high. That sign in the doctor's office that reads "Please be patient if we are running behind. We plan to show you the exact same level of attention when it is your turn." That's me.

And, for the past too many months, the focus has been BlenderPeople.

Break time.

In the coming months, I'm going to be setting up my church's new web site (trust me... fun != volunteer + web design), trying to get one of my many small business concepts off the ground, and hopefully doing a little artwork, writing a little music, and maybe even stepping back into writing fiction. As I've also been given cvs commit priveleges as a Blender developer, I'm going to start breaking up my character animation enhancements, reworking them to meet the high standards required, and getting them into the main Blender tree.

Those of you who have followed BlenderPeople's development over the past couple of years know that this doesn't mean the project is abandoned. Far from it. My brain quite frequently does its best work when I'm thinking about other things. If I get any smashing ideas, I'll put 'em up.

In the meantime, check out my personal/family blog The Hess Report, which you don't have to be friend or family to enjoy. If you lean to the libertarian side of things, you'll also want to put Steel City Cowboy on your RSS reader, too. I don't update that often, but now that BlenderPeople is at a resting point, it'll probably get a little more attention.

Thanks for all the great comments and the emails I've received! Seriously, things like that keep me working on this project almost as much as my own personal drive.

Later folks!

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