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Animators Survival Kit

The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams is one of the Bibles of modern animation. Not only does it give a fascinating inside look at some of the real work horses behind the animation we grew up watching, it also provides immensely practical formulas and templates for your own work. I’d read it before, but […]

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Meet Shrimpo!

Last night, a new force was brought into the world. Meet Shrimpo the Terrible (click for full size): He may have been constructed from two shrimp tails and several plastic football-themed hor-dourves skewers, with a piece of green pepper for a head, but much like Frosty the Snowman, when Shrimpo came to life and started […]

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Blender Animation Challenge

After acting like a know-it-all in a forum thread on blenderartists.org about restructuring the Blender Animation Challenge, I felt obliged to enter for the contest’s grand re-opening, as they seem to have taken my suggestions to heart. The goal is to produce around 10 seconds of animation from an existing base file that contains a […]

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Little picture

Not quite final settings for final render, but it’s getting close…

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