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Rigging, the Easy Way

Here’s the image I made for the rigging and skinning chapter of The Essential Blender. The Hank character is by Ryan Dale. This one’s really only fun if you’re into 3D. Click for full crop.

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Finishing Touches

Taking a break while a shot from The Beast renders for some animation testing.  Figured I’d flesh out the website a bit and add some of my artwork that I did for The Essential Blender. The story behind this image is that I was thinking about teaching and learning, and creating something like yourself. For […]

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Sears Kit Barn Tutorial

The barn in the image is modeled after a Sears-Roebuck kit barn that was available for purchase and (unassembled) delivery to your building site until about 1940. This particular one was a 40×70 foot dairy barn. Modeled and rendered entirely with Blender. Textures were either procedural or painted by hand in Photoshop. A small bit […]

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Blender Monkey Assault Unit

I made this just for the fun and challenge of it. Its target audience is the Blender community, which seems to revere monkeys. The ghostly monkey head in the background is Suzanne, the official Blender mascot. The model for the head is actually a primitive in Blender, much like the teapot in other applications. Other […]

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