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I’ve handed off the last chapter of the book to my technical editor, the excellent Andy Dolphin (andyd). The book also has a page up at Amazon.com, although it’s not going to be shipping until September. As for The Beast, there is only about 15% left to render and edit. Things are nearing completion!

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Final stretch of the book

I’m in the final stretch of writing the book. Next week, I write the rendering/compositing chapter, followed by the “final edit” chapter. Then, the manuscript goes to Focal Press, who edits, etc. On the topic of The Beast,  I think it’s going to be a great learning tool. It’s not unbelievably complex like Elephants Dream […]

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Cloth is in, but not for me

While the cloth simulator that just made it into Blender is great and easy to use for demos, I’ve found it more difficult to use in a production fashion. The Mom’s skirt in The Beast was scheduled to get the cloth sim treatment, but after fighting with it for several days, I’m going to have […]

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Little picture

Not quite final settings for final render, but it’s getting close…

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