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Sets and Props

Here’s the half-finished kitchen set, without final lighting or any props: … and, the Beast’s favorite toy:

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The Beast is now Official

The book project that revolves around the production pipeline being put to use in The Beast has been picked up by Focal Press. So, next year, “Animating with Blender – Producing a Short Animation from Start to Finish” will be available in your fine local bookstore, or over teh Interhnets for you crazy kids with […]

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More from The Beast

Some different facial expressions from the Beast, with final modeling. He has hands, feet, etc. now. The main rig is done, and I’ll control bits into it for special things as the need arises. Concept art is done on the Mom. As a test, I’ll be modeling her with the sculpt tools and using retopo […]

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I have most of the stuff for the house models accumulated, and now that I’ve had a chance to start working on this again, I’ve begun the Beast. Right now, he’s not very beastly, as he’s all symmetrical and lacks both hands and feet. Beastliness will increase with a, um, marked decrease in facial symmetry. […]

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