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New compositor mix types

As I prepare The Beast for its web release, I’ve been looking for a way to make the standard Blender render look a bit more film-like through the compositor. I came across a great method using Photoshop that was devised for making digital stills appear more like their film-based counterparts. I prepped a couple of […]

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Usually the Blender development projects that I work on are a direct response to a production problem I’ve encountered. BlenderPeople created animation baking, the Floor Constraint, Visual Keying and Python API enhancements. The Beast birthed Sequencer and Action Editor selection method upgrades. One other problem I ran into during The Beast was shadow control, but […]

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A commenter on the BlenderPeople page brought up some issues that have been addressed before, and some that haven’t, and I thought I’d respond on the main page, so that anyone interested will most likely see it. I would like to remind everyone that while I have tried to make BlenderPeople as easy to use […]

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