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Howdy! Because I don’t post here any longer, but because this is my main domain, and if you’re looking for “harkyman” you’ll probably end up here… Looking for me for tech or business purposes? My┬áLinkedIn profile (Currently I’m the head of Central Operations for Infra Compute SRE at Google. We are responsible for the reliability, […]

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Lincoln, Fox and the Bad Dog

Hi everyone! The post frequency on this site is down to something like less than once per year. Why is that? Well, writing takes a lot of time, and for the past 1.5 years I’ve been working on another writing project. It’s not a new Blender book (although I’m finally working with Taylor & Francis […]

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Stuff that I like

Most stuff I’m just meh about, but I realized a couple of days ago that there are actually three things I’m using right now that I particularly love, so I figured I’d share them with you. To prove my love, I’m not even going to Amazon link this stuff with my referral account. I ain’t […]

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This happened

Had some friends over. Had a bottle of bubbly. Had always wanted to try this. Boom.

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