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A little update: The book (Animating with Blender: Creating a Short Animation from Start to Finish) is about half written. Also, I have time on a small render farm donated to The Beast, which exposed a bug in Blender’s strand distribution method. Child particles were generated differently on different processors, meaning that non-homogenous render farms […]

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Principle Animation Finished

Animation on The Beast is done. Of course, surfacing, effects, rendering, compositing and editing need to be done, but that’s somehow easier. When I started this project I didn’t even know if I could animate.

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Sets and Props

Here’s the half-finished kitchen set, without final lighting or any props: … and, the Beast’s favorite toy:

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The Beast is now Official

The book project that revolves around the production pipeline being put to use in The Beast has been picked up by Focal Press. So, next year, “Animating with Blender – Producing a Short Animation from Start to Finish” will be available in your fine local bookstore, or over teh Interhnets for you crazy kids with […]

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