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Emulate Numpad

I’ve been using my laptop a lot lately, and the lack of Emulate Numpad in 2.5 is killing me. While I try to figure out how to have the keymap change on-the-fly to follow the user preference, I just went into the appropriate op file in the editors directory and changed them directly. I don’t […]

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Ubuntu Karmic Beta

When I’m writing, I mostly use my laptop. I use the desktop (faster, etc.) for any actual 3D work, and for editing so I can have Blender up in one monitor and the manuscript in another. Lately, the desktop box hasn’t been much use so I decided to install the beta of Ubuntu’s next release: […]

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WordPress updated

I’d never updated my WordPress software since it’s installation a couple of years ago. Bad. Bad bad bad. Apparently, there’s now an active worm, er, worming its way around demolishing unpatched older versions. With a sense of urgency, I’ve just followed the “detailed upgrade” instructions from wordpress.com, which worked flawlessly for me. My old plugins […]

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Testing Ripples Python Script

Here’s a ripple effect I’m working on for a project: It’s actually just an image filter! You render your water and objects from directly overhead into a sequence of images. Make the water shadeless white and the objects shadeless black. I’ve written a little image processing Python script that uses that image sequence as input […]

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