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"Additional Artwork and Animation", "Software Development" and "Texture Photography" credits on Elephants Dream short animation. It was a pleasure and honor to be a part of the world's first open source movie!

What is harkyman? My oldest daughter asserted several years ago that all girls like Barbies and all boys like - what's that called, dad? Harkyman? She meant to say Pokemon, but I liked harkyman better. I still do.

My real name is Roland Hess. I am the IT Manager and digital prep guru at a mid-sized commercial printer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (see the Reed & Witting Co. website). In my spare time (ha!) I play crazy games with my two girls, and my wife and I relax/keep the girls out of trouble. Oh, and I like to create graphics and animation with Blender.

My dad brought home a TI-99/4A sometime around 1982 (I was twelve years old) and I saved all of my pocket money for the extended basic model that allowed you to easily create animatable sprites. I've been creating computer graphics of one kind or another ever since.

Check my various finished works through the Projects dropdown on the left. You'll also find direct links to my Python scripts for Blender, my weblog, and BlenderPeople, my set of Python scripts for generating crowd dynamics and combat in Blender.

You are also officially encouraged to take a look at my brother's excellent black and white photography, at


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