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In the works…

Currently in the works…

  • Starting in to help with Blender 2.5 development. The RNA system is very, very neat. I’ll probably be a “coding buddy” on the animation tools.
  • Scripting and storyboarding for a short promo animated spot to help get some animation gigs;
  • Tech editing an upcoming book on using Blender’s node compositor as part of the video production pipeline.

And Happy New Year, everyone!

Room for Languages

I’m working on creating an AJAX-based web-to-print system right now, and was just doing a mental tally. I didn’t think about it until today, but when you’re coding something like this, you’re using HTML (granted, that’s not what many would consider code, but oh well), CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL all at the same time. That’s a mess, and kind of tough to keep in your head. You web devs know what I mean. Then again, maybe I’m an idiot for coding all of this by hand. There’s probably some kick-ass tool that does it for you.

Merry Christmas

It’s only a year old, so it doesn’t really qualify as a “classic,” but here’s the stop motion the girls and I made last year:

Merry Christmas!

After acting like a know-it-all in a forum thread on blenderartists.org about restructuring the Blender Animation Challenge, I felt obliged to enter for the contest’s grand re-opening, as they seem to have taken my suggestions to heart. The goal is to produce around 10 seconds of animation from an existing base file that contains a character and possibly props. The first challenge was to have the character interact with the provided ball. My entry is below:

If you’d like to join the challenge yourself, go here!

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