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I got Photoshop working with Wine several weeks ago. I’ve been using PS professionally for something like fifteen years, and to not be able to use it for texture painting is a deal-breaker between myself and Linux. Also, I just attempted (for the third time) to get my generic pen tablet to work with Ubuntu (8.10), and finally succeed tonight. It worked with pressure sensitivity in PS/Wine without further configuration, so that’s great. Now, if I can just get my full version of ArtRage 2 to install and work correctly under Wine, I’ll most likely never boot my workstation nor my laptop into Windows again.

Charging Batteries

The last two years, I’ve been working on books during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This did not make me the most popular person in my family. After the release of the book, lots of travel for conferences and some development work (Colored Shadows), I’m pulling back to actually enjoy November and December.

Animating with Blender is doing very well. That’s great for two reasons. First, it encourages me to write more books in the future. Duh. Second, though, is that I think I have something nearly unique to offer the world in this growing niche that’s being carved by Blender. And I think I do it fairly well. Speaking of which, there are currently only two reviews on Amazon.com for the book. I know that some more are coming soon, but if you’ve bought the book, I encourage you to share your thoughts on it both here and there. If you like it, there’s nothing better that you can do than to give a positive review. If you didn’t… um… don’t? Right.

Anyway, you’re always welcome to check out some of the other stuff I write when I’m not working directly on Blender-related items. harkyman.com, where you are now, is entirely Blender related. The Hess Report is my personal blog, where I talk about stuff that’s going on in my life and things of general interest. Sounds boring, but it really isn’t. And finally, my political blog is called Steel City Cowboy. I’m a fiscal conservative/social libertarian/small government advocate, so if that’s not something you think you’d be into, well, no one’s forcing you. You can also check out Animating with Blender‘s Amazon page, where I post news and informational bits that are relevant to the book. Things like tips and tricks that I came across after the book was done, new setups or techniques, etc.

So, if you don’t see me “here,” I’m around. Just taking a little break from Blender stuff.

Second conference weekend in a row. The Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference is this Sunday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Registration was strictly limited, and I’m guessing that you can’t just “walk in.” If you’re in the area, though, and would like to/can meet up, pop a comment (which shows up in my email). I speak in the morning and will probably be doing Blender demos on and off for the rest of the day. That means that my schedule is flexible for the afternoon.

CPOSC website here.

I just realized that I never mentioned that I’m one of the speakers at the Ohio Linux Fest this weekend. It’s in Columbus, Ohio, and apparently is the largest Free and Open Source Software conference in the mid-west. I’ll be doing a book signing/meet and greet for anyone interested in Blender at some point during the day (I haven’t received the schedule yet) at the Convention Center Border’s bookstore. There is also a chance that I’ll have a table in the .org section of the exhibition hall. If so, I’ll probably just be working on my latest project all day, demoing Blender, answering questions and hanging out as needed.

The website is ohiolinux.org.

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