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While the cloth simulator that just made it into Blender is great and easy to use for demos, I’ve found it more difficult to use in a production fashion. The Mom’s skirt in The Beast was scheduled to get the cloth sim treatment, but after fighting with it for several days, I’m going to have to use a more traditional approach. The main problem might be that the skirt itself is of the wool variety, so it really doesn’t act a lot like cloth does. It’s extremely rigid and barely wrinkles at all. There are also some workflow shortcomings in the cloth (pre-roll ability, evaluate on stepped frames and interpolate for fast testing) that make it difficult to use in a production environment.

So, instead of using the cloth sim, I’m just including the skirt inside the mesh deform cage for the rest of the body, which gives good enough deformations in testing.

I’d still like to use the cloth sim somewhere in the animation just for fun, but there’s no where that it really fits.

Little picture

Not quite final settings for final render, but it’s getting close…

Bad Dog/Good Dog

A little update:

The book (Animating with Blender: Creating a Short Animation from Start to Finish) is about half written. Also, I have time on a small render farm donated to The Beast, which exposed a bug in Blender’s strand distribution method. Child particles were generated differently on different processors, meaning that non-homogenous render farms couldn’t be used for animation with particles. Brecht just fixed it this morning (Thanks!) so rendering on the finished animation files can commence!

A Mom, a Beast and a Dog

Click the image for full size:

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