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I’ve moved from the static old harkyman.com site to a new, WordPress-based blog. All the old content is still available via the legacy front-page. All of the old content pages will remain the same because I know that a number of people have linked to the barn tutorial and some other stuff too.

However, all of the old content is also updated into the blog, so if you don’t want to go outside the new structure to find the old content, you don’t have to.

Sears Kit Barn Tutorial

The barn in the image is modeled after a Sears-Roebuck kit barn that was available for purchase and (unassembled) delivery to your building site until about 1940. This particular one was a 40×70 foot dairy barn. Modeled and rendered entirely with Blender. Textures were either procedural or painted by hand in Photoshop. A small bit of finishing, as mentioned below, was done in Photoshop. You can click the image for an 1152×864 version.

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I made this just for the fun and challenge of it. Its target audience is the Blender community, which seems to revere monkeys. The ghostly monkey head in the background is Suzanne, the official Blender mascot. The model for the head is actually a primitive in Blender, much like the teapot in other applications. Other points of interest include: ‘Haisukosu’ is Japanese for sock. The character on the sock monkey’s headband means ‘monkey’. The phrase ’1 Ton’ on the mallot refers to Ton, the creator of Blender, not a unit of measurement. Simian’s weapon is an MP5SD with retracting stock.

Technical aspects: Sock monkey textures were made from digital photos of my own sock monkey, Harsten. Simian textures were handpainted in Photoshop. Both sock and simian were uv mapped. Lighting consisted of fake GI sphere for overall illumination, a number of clustered spots to fake and area light for the key light, and individual spots to highlight their faces.

I made a hi-res, large format print of it just for fun, and it really looked like a movie poster.

The Poster

600×900 Version   800×1200 Version

Dutch Sheep Barn

Made for the 3dluvr contest entitled the country life, this image was modelled entirely in Blender. Textures were had painted in Photoshop. Grass by Fiber 1.2; Trees by Lsystem. Every corner is bevelled, and the boards making up the barn sides, window coverings and doors are each modelled and textured as separate objects (there are four master boards, but I wanted to point out that the wood is geometry, not mapping.) 768,000 vertices, using the icosphere fake gi method and a simlated arealight for direct sunshine, and the circle path depth of field method. Photoshop was used for the mild glow and grain.

The image is a recreation of a late 1800′s Dutch sheep barn. The inspiration is an actual location in Pennsylvania.

Final Render
Click here for FULL SIZE.

Wireframe of Camera View

Wireframe of Camera View, Grass Removed

Wireframe of Farmer

Wireframe of Whole Set, Grass Removed

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