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This is an image created for the Living Mechanics competition on Elysiun.com. It won best Overall Image. Not too much in the way of WIP here, but you can a little bit of preliminary work. This one just kind of popped out of the box as is.

OpenGL Preview

Tree Test

Tree In Place

JB Unposed

JB In Pose

Final Render

Chrome Widow

The Chrome Widow was a modelling/texturing/rendering study for the Living Mechanics contest at Elysiun.com. The rust texture was painted by hand in Photoshop, then tweaked and recombined in Blender. The image won both the best modelling and best texturing technical awards. All the modelling/rigging/etc. is Blender work.

Working on the Guts

Complete Model

Correctly Proportioned

The Environment

Chrome at Home (WIP)

Final Render

The Sad Little Bird

The Sad Little Bird is a story that I made up for my oldest daughter. It became one of her favorites, and I decided to animate it. Below you can find some production stills, and a link to a short piece of animation. Oh, this project was produced entirely with Blender Creator 2.23. Some textures were hand painted, while others were cobbled from digital photography.

Status: Abandoned due to hardware restrictions several years ago.

The Forest Set

The Bird Arrives

Zooming In

Eyeball Closeup

Remebering Mean Cat

Something to Eat

Stolen Food

Flying South
1.8 MB Animation

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