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The farmer and the girl were both made with MakeHuman 2 Alpha. It doesn't have targets for children, so I tweaked the child mesh after I had it out of MakeHuman. The characters were rigged and posed with my standard biped armature. Once posed, I used the Apply Deformation script to create a new mesh in the posed position. I then subsurfed, applied the subsurfing to get a higher res mesh, and deleted all body parts that would be under clothing. For coloring, I began by trying the MakeHuman project's subsurface scattering script, but the results were too subtle for the small size of the characters in the image. In the end, I used vertex painting to lighten things like the ears, fingers and nostrils where they would be more translucent, and to add eyebrows and color variation to the rest of the skin. The need to paint on a higher res mesh was the reason for the subdivision metioned earlier.

Vertex painting, unposed characters, MakeHuman meshes, and details of clothes creasing.

Once I had the characters posed and painted, I went back to the armature's rest position and created very simple clothes. I allowed the armature to deform the clothes into the same position as the characters, then applied the deformation. I had to tweak the clothes with PET editing to get them to fall properly. Once the clothes were in place, I added some new vertex loops to up the mesh resolution in strategic places, then selected areas and moved them in and out with alt-S to make creases. In the final render, they are mostly too small to see, but they are there. Textures on the clothes were mostly procedural, although I did UV map the girls dress and apply a floral pattern to it. LCSM to rescue again, for fast, accurate, painless UV mapping. You just think about how the actual clothes would be put together, then draw the seams. LCSM does the rest. Do the commercial packages offer it? If not, we could use it to convert some people to Blender, as it completely rocks.

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