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Rendering and Post Work

Everything was put together and rendered in a single pass. I then made a duplicate of the whole .blend file, and gave all objects in the duplicate a gradient material, getting texture coordinates from an empty about the size of the whole scene. When rendered without lights, the material gave my a fake but useable 8-bit z-buffer image. I had tried to use the Show Z Buffer sequence plugin, but it kept giving me garbage.

Click for a larger view of the faked z buffer image.

I used the fake z image to apply depth cueing to the raw render. Basically, I applied the tiniest bit of noise (.5) and gaussian blur (.6%) using the z image as a mask. I also used it to desaturate and lighten the distant objects. After that, I applied a tiny bit of gaussian blur (.4%) and noise (2), in that order, to the overall image. I finished with the normal color correction and sharpening that I would do to any digital photo that crosses my desk.


Unlike many projects that I've worked on, this one remained fun almost the whole way through. Even writing this article as (almost) fun. To everyone who enjoyed my latest barn image, I'm glad that I could show you something nice. Maybe next time, I'll do an interior view, with a collapsed roof, and hay everywhere, and all kinds of particles floating around in the streaming sunlight to show off the interior space...

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