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Archive for May, 2004

I made this just for the fun and challenge of it. Its target audience is the Blender community, which seems to revere monkeys. The ghostly monkey head in the background is Suzanne, the official Blender mascot. The model for the head is actually a primitive in Blender, much like the teapot in other applications. Other […]

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Dutch Sheep Barn

Made for the 3dluvr contest entitled the country life, this image was modelled entirely in Blender. Textures were had painted in Photoshop. Grass by Fiber 1.2; Trees by Lsystem. Every corner is bevelled, and the boards making up the barn sides, window coverings and doors are each modelled and textured as separate objects (there are […]

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This is an image created for the Living Mechanics competition on Elysiun.com. It won best Overall Image. Not too much in the way of WIP here, but you can a little bit of preliminary work. This one just kind of popped out of the box as is. OpenGL Preview Tree Test Tree In Place JB […]

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Chrome Widow

The Chrome Widow was a modelling/texturing/rendering study for the Living Mechanics contest at Elysiun.com. The rust texture was painted by hand in Photoshop, then tweaked and recombined in Blender. The image won both the best modelling and best texturing technical awards. All the modelling/rigging/etc. is Blender work. Working on the Guts Complete Model Correctly Proportioned […]

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