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Archive for October, 2007

Whole in the Sky

Working a little bit with negative space, as well as visual direction and trying to create a small sense of tension in an otherwise serene image: Click for full crop, full size.

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100% Recycled

In the world of Blender, there are many permutations of Suzanne, the monkey-head mascot. Here’s one I hadn’t seen before, so I did it myself: Click for full size.

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Rigging, the Easy Way

Here’s the image I made for the rigging and skinning chapter of The Essential Blender. The Hank character is by Ryan Dale. This one’s really only fun if you’re into 3D. Click for full crop.

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Finishing Touches

Taking a break while a shot from The Beast renders for some animation testing.  Figured I’d flesh out the website a bit and add some of my artwork that I did for The Essential Blender. The story behind this image is that I was thinking about teaching and learning, and creating something like yourself. For […]

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