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And one more…

Moving ahead, I’ve added the snow to the first shot and begun to experiment with ways of doing the tree line. This method isn’t horrible, but it needs some tweaking. As a proof of concept though, I consider it a success as it gives the correct overall effect. Note that the kids in the background […]

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Falling Snow Effect

I’ve gotten this almost to where I think I completely like it. Blender particle system, using a very light-weight snowflake mesh (24 faces) as a dupli-object. I got the motion going pretty well, but the material on the snowflake makes it, I think. Of course this morning, I looked out the window after I fired […]

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New, Faster Computer

Last weekend, I built myself a new computer. I’ve been using my Athlon X2 box running Windows XP (and occasionally Ubuntu 8.04) for several years. It wasn’t like it was getting horrible, but I felt that it was time for an upgrade nonetheless. So, I built a Phenom X6 machine with 8GB of RAM, and […]

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Snowman and Boy

No real posing yet…

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